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We all wish to enjoy life to its fullest. Getting to participate in social activities, events, and related community activities bring that sense of fulfilment to the participants. We help them here. 

As an NDIS participant approved for the support category -social and community participation, you can avail several supports for this purpose. 

At Central Compassionate Care, we offer short-term or ongoing support that strengthens your resolve to live an independent life and participate actively in your community. This help can be available by connecting with providers and community groups. They extend all support for meeting the appointments and utilising the opportunities of participation in social activities. 

It is designed to encourage and support the participants in building skills necessary for community participation. The program has the guidance of community engagement experts who assist the participants in every possible way. It eventually expands the opportunities for community participation and employment. The approach focuses on capacity building such that the participants undergo a successful transition towards informal supports and employment. 

The focus here is on the participant’s well-being and overall growth that leads to a strong connection with the community. At the same time, each support service is customised to fit the participant’s needs and ensures that they derive the most out of it. 

The participants receive support for: 

  • Community engagement
  • Social contributions and relationships that maintain personal well being
  • Self-awareness
  • Developing personal interests
  • Exploring employment pathways
  • Self-discipline
  • Emotional awareness
  • Awareness of social expectations and norms
  • Managing their disability
  • Gaining independence in daily life
  • Experience confidence and self-worth

We at Central Compassionate Care help you with: 

  • attending self-development courses
  • joining social groups
  • outing and holidays
  • camping and moderate trekking activities
  • visiting the local library
  • watching a movie or attending a concert
  • attend community events
  • joining a sporting club. 

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