Group/Centre Activities

About the service

We assist the participants in deriving more benefits out of the NDIS plan and gain more control. We do so by identifying and funding several group or center-based activities. It connects them to their community and ensures the overall development of the participants. We at Central Compassionate Care ensure that the participants remain connected to the community resources to derive maximum value. 

Assisting the participants in community, social and recreational activities

At Central Compassionate Care, the activities are offered on all weekdays from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. All the activities are well supported by our workers while there may be a few self-directed ones as well. The objective here is to encourage socialization and capacity building. 

The participants are further encouraged to undertake all such activities and participate enthusiastically in the workshops as well. The benefits for the participants are multi-faceted. 

Facilities available at our center

Our center is well equipped with:

  • Computer room
  • Library
  • TV and Movies facility
  • Board games
  • Electronic games
  • Art and craft room
  • Social meals area
  • Kitchen

It is our priority to ensure that all the participants’ needs are met satisfactorily. You can contact us in case any assistance is required, and you have any specific preference. 

The Objective

This broad range of activities and programs’ overall objective is to assist the participants in moving closer towards a happy and independent life. These activities targeted at social inclusion and social interaction are designed to meet every participant’s needs and find their true potential in life. We want the participants to feel valued each day.

Discuss your requirements

Central Compassionate Care offers all the NDIS participants with goal-driven consultation with experts that is entirely free of cost. Our team is all ears to listen, appreciate and understand your needs.

With us, you will discover the best choices that you can avail of in terms of support.

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