Daily Task/Shared Living

Receiving assistance with daily tasks in a shared living environment with a focus on ensuring independence and happiness in life

Individuals with a disability have varied needs in terms of support and assistance. However, your NDIS plan has several provisions available under different categories.

Assistance with daily life

It falls under the ‘core supports’ category, covering support required with daily personal activities. These assist the participants to live an independent life at home and in the community. NDIS classifies daily living as all those tasks and daily chores required to be done during the day. These may include getting out of bed, showering, getting dressed up, eating and more.

The NDIS budget for this category is meant to support you to do these things with ease. This funding can be used to support workers to help and supervise the tasks. The workers will also do the tasks for you if you are unable to perform those yourself.

It includes:

  • Getting ready for the day (showering, dressing etc.)
  • Help in participation in community-based activities. It may include accompanying you on public transport or driving you to places.
  • Household chores like cleaning.
  • Yard and garden maintenance like lawn mowing.
  • Food planning, preparation and meals and also the costs involved with meal delivery.
  • Help to maintain health and fitness.
  • Assistance in getting to appointments.

It does not include:

  • Costs involved in food or readymade meals
  • Expenses incurred for cleaning supplies or other household items
  • Toiletries, cosmetics or any other similar item that related to your disability
  • Mortgage payments, rent etc.
  • Costs incurred in attending concerts, movies and events.

At Central Compassionate Care, we offer support services to individuals in shared living. Round the clock support allows you the privacy and the independence that you always wanted. Additionally, you enjoy the companionship of people that share the same interests and likes. 

Is the funding included in your plan? 

NDIS assesses it on a case-to-case basis. It means that there is an inclusion if NDIS considers it ‘reasonable and necessary’ to meet your needs and help achieve your goals. 

Do you have a question? Reach out to us, and we will sort it out for you. We can help you.

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