The Covid-19 situation has created a lot of apprehensions in the minds of the NDIS participants. We at Central Compassionate Care receive many queries, wherein the participants inquire about the effect of the pandemic on the support they receive under the NDIS plan.

We will try to address some of the common concerns of the participants here. 

If you still find your query unresolved, you can call us, and we will be happy to help. 

Continuity of services

Yes, we will continue to provide the services, process your invoices as we did in normal circumstances. Our team will remain committed to offering you the support you need, and we have adopted several precautionary measures in these unprecedented times.

We urge all the participants to follow the guideline issued by the governments and the health authorities from time to time.

Finding support

We have ensured that our support services remain uninterrupted, and almost all our workers continue to work with some extra precautions as deemed essential. All measures are taken to ensure the safety of the workers as well as the participants.

Utilising the NDIS fund to buy PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

You are allowed to purchase face masks and gloves if you receive ‘in-person’ support under your NDIS plan. In case your plan is self or plan-managed, such purchases can be made, and the claim be submitted. However, hand sanitizers will not be considered as part of PPE. The participants are not allowed to use their NDIS funding for such purchases.
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Will the service providers charge higher due to the pandemic situation?

No, all the service providers need to follow the price limits mentioned in the NDIS price guide. The increase on these limits was temporary, and it ceases to exist now, is no longer applicable. You can refer to the official website of NDIS or contact our representative for the same.

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