About Us

Central Compassionate Care is committed to support people with disability who require assistance to fulfil their aspirations and inclusion in the community. We focus on delivering highly personal, responsive and participant focused services.

We are passionate to offer wide comprehensive range of services in accordance with individual needs, employing highly competent and qualified staff and work closely alongside you to support people with disability and their family.

Central Compassionate  Care, we as a service provider delivered our services that promotes dignity, integrity and respect. Our objective enables people with disability to exercise autonomy and control in the pursuit of their goals and the planning and delivery of their supports.

Central Compassionate Care promote the high quality and innovative supports that enable people with disability to maximise independent lifestyles and full inclusion in the mainstream community; our goal is achieved by approaching differently – by seeing person with enormous abilities rather than the one part of their life.

Central Compassionate Care serving in-home support, innovative community participation, assist life stage transition and community care services, we focus on providing a full range of non-medical, lifestyle and wellbeing services that enable people with disabilities to remain independent in their own homes. Our Support Workers are qualified and competent who got wealth of experience, skill & Knowledge to support participants living with Intellectual Disability, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Acquired Brain Injury, Cerebral Palsy and Physical Disabilities


To provide personalised qualitative care to achieve their dreams and enjoy their freedom. To create opportunities and environments wherein people can develop and maintain optimal health and wellbeing.


Create Strong and Connected Community through seamless inclusion and Personalised care.


Our values are based on respect, integrity, quality, empathy & excellence of services we offer to our reliable customers. Learn more about our core 5 value statements below.

We value your choice as individuals, and understand & accept our responsibility to be responsive to your requirements.
We follow Honesty, Consistency and highest standard of ethics.
We are always thinking of ways to improve and enhance participant experience and lifestyle through development of new Skills and qualitative services
We understand your commitments and priority, so accordingly we provide the best support to satisfy your wellbeing and health.
We achieve your desired satisfaction through innovation and leading practices.

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